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“It’s not just about property, it’s about people”

With over 30 years of first-hand experience in the real estate space, Your Property Advocates are re-inventing the art of buying real estate, with you at the forefront of every decision. It’s a family affair with a vested interest in coupling the right buyer with the right property, with consideration to their clients’ goals, needs and wants. The unique approach effectively meshes a traditional and contemporary means of acquiring and offloading real estate. An extensive property portfolio, including multiple investments across the country, sets Your Property Advocates aside from the rest.

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Why Choose Us

We are proud to be one of the best property solutions providers throughout Australia.







Why should you use a Buyer’s Advocate?

As licensed real estate professionals, Advocates have the buyer’s best interest at heart. Traditionally, the vendors have been represented throughout the sales process, it’s now time for someone to look out for the other team.

Years of first-hand buying experience positions Your Property Advocates to effectively represent their buyer through the home purchase process. This includes extensive research on each property, surrounding suburbs and market insights, while also providing advice, streamlining property shortlists and attending house inspections.

With Your Property Advocates, it’s not just you doing the hard yards, our team of highly trained and experienced real estate professionals will be right there doing it for you. Before your heart is set on a property, our team will research, inspect and shortlist it as a potential purchase or a time waster.

By trusting a Buyers Advocate to represent you as a buyer you are saving hours scrolling on real estate portals, researching market growth, visiting open house inspections, and waiting for call-backs from real estate agents.

What we offer

Buyers Agent Services







Our Process

We follow a simple 3-step process.

1. Discuss

Before we buy a house together, let’s get to know each other a bit. Our initial discussion will give us a great insight into who you are, what you want to achieve and how we can help. But, it takes two to tango so you will get to learn a little bit more about us and if we’re a right fit for you. Once we’re fully acquainted, we can discuss what you’re looking for in a little more detail, this will help the next stage of the process.

2. Discover

It’s time to get our Sherlock Holmes on and start the investigation. We have the brief, we just need to find all the pieces that suit. Once we have done our research, perhaps visited a few open inspections and shortlisted the best picks of the bunch, we bring to you our discovery. When we have the okay, we move onto the third and final stage of this process.

3. Deliver

This is our favourite part. Like the postman delivering your online shopping, we are about to deliver you your next dream home, your first investment or your future development. After an open discussion and strategy consultation we are ready to close the deal. Whether that be at auction, or through private negotiation, we will work to our experience to deliver the optimum result. SOLD!


What Our Customers Say

“To put it simply, we would not have bought the house we now call ‘our home’ without the help of Wayne and Jack. From the first moment we met them both, we knew they would deliver, such is their professionalism, attention to detail and genuine care for their client. They were patient with us as our brief developed and kept us informed on changes in the market. However, they kindly steered us back on track if our brief wasn’t aligned with reality. Although Wayne and Jack would be the perfect solution for investors and those already ‘in the market’, what seems to set them apart is their ability to make first-home-buying an exciting, stress-free and rewarding experience. Through their wisdom and rapport with local agents, we managed to purchase our house at a sensational price, off-market, prior to auction and with a settlement time frame that suited us. From my limited experience, this is almost unheard of. There was never a silly question for Wayne and Jack and they answered every call, text and email. I could not fault the services of ‘Your Property Advocates’. Highly recommended!”

Andrew and Rachel

“I used Wayne and Jack to help me purchase my first investment property. The wealth of knowledge they had available was nothing short of amazing. From the initial consultation you could hear the passion and motivation to help me start my property portfolio and that continued on throughout the entirety of the process as they worked day and night to deliver me the best property options available. Their hard work, dedication and guidance to help me find the right property took a lot of the pressure off me as a first home buyer. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and I look forward to doing business with them again in the near future.”


I wish I’d found Wayne five years earlier! His knowledge and astute advice helped my wife and I secure two investment properties in a short period of time. Wayne’s personable and professional approach is a rare combination in this modern world of instant expertise.


What defined Jack was the moment he came back to us with the news that I had gotten the house that we wanted, after a series of disheartening auction losses. “Under promise and over deliver” he said, and how thoughtful and considerate that was, especially after the journey we’ve been through trying to purchase a house for a good 6 months. I couldn’t have been more grateful to Jack then, after helping us tirelessly with our questions and attending inspections. 5 stars!


We recently purchased a home thanks to the help of Jack, who made it such a positive experience for us. He was genuinely pleasant to deal with and was very responsive.


I shared with Wayne many years ago my aspirations of being a property investor, and the guidance he gave me changed my life forever. The process from deposit, who to talk to regarding finance options, cashflow analysis and so on, taught me the fundamentals. From there, I started with one investment property, then built a portfolio, then on to property development. Thanks to that early guidance, I have the work, life, balance most dream of.


The moment we met Jack, we knew he was special. My husband and I had so much fun at the inspection with him and when we were successful at auction, he was so excited for us! He made the whole first-home-owner process so much fun and we’re going to look back years from now with fondness for him! He is so genuine and lovely and I’m glad we don’t have to keep searching for a house now that we have bought one with him, but when it comes time to move on, we will be wanting Jack again for sure!

Ben & Kady

Jack helped make the whole process of buying my first home easy. Fantastic communication from start to finish!


I have always had great support from Wayne whenever I was looking into a property. His knowledge of all things real estate filled me with confidence and really helped buying a new property a breeze. In recent times Wayne assisted me in researching for our forever home. He actually pointed me in a different direction than what I was initially thinking, but now a few years on I couldn’t be happier, the value has gone up more than I can believe and the whole family absolutely love the area. I have no hesitation in recommending Wayne if you are looking to invest in property or buy a new home.

Rodney & Tanya


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