The Why

So, why should you use a Buyer’s Advocate? As licensed real estate professionals, Advocates have the buyer’s best interest at heart. Traditionally, the vendors have been represented throughout the sales process, it’s now time for someone to look out for the other team.

Years of first-hand buying experience positions Your Property Advocates to effectively represent their buyer through the home purchase process. This includes extensive research on each property, surrounding suburbs and market insights, while also providing advice, streamlining property shortlists and attending house inspections.

With Your Property Advocates, it’s not just you doing the hard yards, our team of highly trained and experienced real estate gurus will be right there doing it for you. Before your heart is set on a property, our team will research, inspect and shortlist it as a potential purchase or a time waster.

By trusting a Buyers Advocate to represent you as a buyer you are saving hours scrolling on real estate portals, researching market growth, visiting open house inspections, and waiting for call-backs from real estate agents.

The How

So, how do Buyer’s Advocates do it any differently to the buyer? With years of real estate experience, as buyers, sellers, even developers, we have an extensive network of real estate professionals, and with that comes a broader range of available properties. As a buyer, you have access to listed properties, as an Advocate we have access to off-market opportunities and new developments, often before they attract other buyer competition.

Once we have narrowed down the property, we will do our due diligence and ensure it is a suitable purchase based on market value, surrounding and future infrastructure and any possible legalities or council related issues. 

Now it’s time to negotiate! A key driver for any buyer to seek a Property Advocate is their experience in the negotiation department, this isn’t our first rodeo. Whether it be through virtual or on-site auction, or a private offer scenario, we will take the driver’s seat to deliver the best possible outcome.


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