My wife and I chose Wayne and Jack from Your Property Advocates to buy our first home this year, and we couldn’t be more happy. Right from the start they were friendly, cheerful and full of good advice. We’re obviously completely new to all the nuances of buying a property and they were always on hand to sort out issues or answer questions – whether that was a title discrepancy, a recommendation for a building and pest inspector or what factors go into a property’s value/price. Even now, between getting a signed contract of sale and settlement, they’re still available for advice and on hand to organise things like the final inspection. We also found them to be fierce negotiators, and for the property we ended up buying we were fairly sure without them we would have either missed out completely or overpaid. They were able to dedicate much more time to calling agents, doing research and visiting properties than we would have been able to ourselves. They also had a very good idea what each property was worth and knew what information to use in negotiations to get a good deal. Our purchase was also perhaps not the easiest – we had a tight brief and left for the USA for a month in the middle of the hunt – but through all that Jack and Wayne’s patience and enthusiasm never wavered a bit. At the start of our buying process we were on the fence about buyers advocates in general but in hindsight couldn’t had the success we had without Your Property Advocates and we’d recommend them to anyone.

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