Your property advocates’ came highly recommended to us, and in all honesty given we are not new to the housing market, we were a bit skeptical at first. It turns out our experience buying in Europe did not at all prepare us for the complexities of buying in Australia and Wayne truly was a god send.
I think we might have been tricky customers as we had just moved to the country and needed a house immediately… but we also had a list of criteria, and were not going to settle just anywhere.
Wayne’s enthusiasm and experience in this market was vital to our success and his fantastic network of related businesses really made the whole process easy. He kept on top of the process the whole way, kept us up-to-date with any progress being made and completely understood our needs – never once did we feel lost or feel the need to follow up.
Thanks to Wayne we just landed the perfect house that matches every single item on our wish list.
Best of all, we are absolutely certain Wayne saved us a heck of a lot of money! In fact, I can think of three separate instances Wayne stopped us from throwing away enough money to pay for ‘Your property advocates’ services MULTIPLE times over.
Even though we are now much more acquainted with the market, I would go back to Wayne for our next property. It was easily the best money we spent.

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