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After spending much of his professional life managing a vast property investment portfolio and dipping into the development sector, Wayne Taynton decided to take a professional leap into the industry he lives and breathes. What once was a side venture, the real estate game grew to be an integral part of Wayne’s life, turning his passion into a career seemed like the only fitting move. Wayne’s love for real estate spans back to his first property purchase at just 24, before long securing his numerous investments and acquiring a mass of knowledge around purchasing and experience dealing with real estate professionals. As his property portfolio grew throughout Australia, the father of two soon became the ‘go-to’ for property advice. His first-hand practice allows him to guide others looking to take a similar path or simply get a leg up on the property ladder. A passion for helping others, his leadership mentality and strong sense of culture positions Wayne as an influential figure within the community. Outside of guiding other buyers and sellers, Wayne has expanded from investing in properties to residential developments. Having recently completed his third subdivision and townhouse development, the savvy entrepreneur has an eye for potential real estate projects, relationships within this space and the ability to recommend or deter future investment possibilities for his clients. 

Jodie Taynton


An eye for interiors and a knack for design drew Jodie Taynton’s intrigue for the real estate space. She found her calling in adding value to an investment property through interior design and seeing a profitable return. The ultimate duo, Jodie and Wayne have played the property investment and development scene on the side for nearly three-decades. After more than 10 years in the corporate space, Jodie is turning a passion into something she can grow and nurture from the bottom up, alongside her family. Helping others within the real estate space seems less like a job and more like a hobby, with Jodie’s natural ability for building relationships, providing advice and organising people. This is also made easy by her unparalleled local knowledge of the Northeast corridor. The mother of two is well emersed within the community and with her personable and approachable nature, buyers and sellers alike are drawn to her relatability.


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