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You’ve decided to buy your first home, congratulations! It’s exciting and overwhelming and a little bit scary… but we want to limit the stresses and emphasize the excitement. Getting a leg-up on the property ladder is no easy feat, but we have been there before, and we are here for you every step of the way.

The biggest disadvantage for first-home-buyers is the lack of experience in the field. But how are you to gain experience if you can’t close the deal? We have seen it all before, you’re in the most competitive category and it seems near impossible to measure up to developers or second and third home buyers. That’s where we come in. We know it’s tough, but with an experienced Advocate on your side, the negotiating or bidding at an auction is carefully handled. We say ‘carefully’ because we understand how important this is for you, this could very well be your future home and we don’t want you to miss out – so let us take the driver’s seat and get the deal done!

Three simple steps to your first home

Let's talk education

There’s a lot to consider with your first house. Will it be an investment or your next home? What type of properties are available? Am I eligible for any government grants? What is LVR? Do I need a conveyancer? 

Working with a Property Advocate will answer all these questions and more. We will provide you with a complete run down on what you can expect throughout the process and educate you on some commonly used terms and the legalities around a purchase.

I spy your first home

Once we have a good understanding of what you’re looking for, we can begin our hunt. Centered around your wants, needs, budget, lifestyle, and preferred location we will search high and low, on-market and off-market. We have our finger on the pulse and won’t let a potential property slip through the cracks. We conduct thorough inspections of each property to ensure they suit your unique criteria and make a judgment on whether it’s the right fit for you. We will provide you with a selective shortlist of properties, with our expertise and your requests considered. If you’re not vibing any of the properties, the hunt will go on, until we have found the perfect one.

Let's make it yours

Typically, this part of the home purchase sends a buyer on a rollercoaster of emotions; excitement, nerves, anxiety, doubt, relief, stress… A cocktail of emotions you don’t need to worry about with a Property Advocate, we have enjoyed a few of these cocktails with many buyers and sellers over the years, we’ve seen it all and we are ready! Auction or private sale, we will put our best foot forward, dip into our tricks of the trade and work our magic to secure your debut property.


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