The Downsizers Dream

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in property and when you’ve made the decision to downsize, it
can be just as exciting as buying your first home. You’re about to enter a new chapter in your life, one that probably includes less bedrooms, but ultimately less cleaning, you’re liking the sound of this already! 

You may be looking for a smaller home, but downsizing is a big deal! This next move will set up the next chapter of your life, you should be considering both lifestyle and financial security. Lucky for you, our purchasing methods take both of those big-ticket items very seriously when helping our buyers. So, you can trust, as we itch a little closer to that R-word, we’ve been dreaming about (retirement), we are looking out for your best interest for this new and very exciting chapter of life.

Three simple steps to the downsizers dream

Let’s get to know you and your goals:

We want to dive in and know about you, your wants, needs and goals for the sale of your current home, to your dream for the next. Understanding your expectations around the sale will help us to narrow down the agent we appoint and the budget moving forward. We want to learn about your lifestyle, the current one and the one you’re dreaming of, this will help us pinpoint the location. Whether you’re looking for a sea-change or a tree-change, to be in a high rise with sprawling views or on an acreage, we will narrow down the right fit for your new chapter.

All good things come to an end

Saying goodbye to your family home isn’t going to be easy, it will hold sentimental value forever, but the memories will always be there. It’s a big step letting go of an important piece of your life, so we want to be sure that we appoint the right real estate agent for the job. The selection will be based on several factors, such as location, experience and your gut feeling, of course. But mostly we will base this decision on our confidence they will achieve the desired result for you and your next purchase. We will work with your agent throughout the campaign from start to finish and provide advice when needed.

Smaller and better things

Some say ‘on to bigger and better things’ but this completely defies that statement, we want this next chapter to be something to look forward to. A new lifestyle, a welcome change, with comfort around financial security and retirement. It’s now time to find a new place to call home. Allow us to leverage off our extensive real estate network to find a property perfectly suited to your unique criteria. We will do the leg work before bringing you a shortlist of properties for you to consider. We will attend on-site inspections, carry out thorough research, and narrow down our choices to help with your decision. Once you’ve found ‘the one’ we will move into the negotiation or auction bidding stage.


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