Going once, going twice… SOLD!

You’ve found ‘the one’.

There’s no way around it, there’s no letting go. You’ve found the perfect home, or the right investment and it must be yours. It’s both exciting and frightening, you’ve come this far, and you don’t want to miss out. And this is the biggest problem most buyers face, emotions. It’s hard to contain, but crucial during a bidding war to keep emotions out of the game and work with the one end goal, placing the final bid before the hammer drops.

Auctions are high pressure situations for all buyer types; first-home-buyers, downsizers, or investors… Just not us!

Let us take the driver’s seat at the auction and give you the best chance at securing your next home or investment. We will dip into our years of bidding experience and determine the auction scenario to understand who your competitors are, and how we can come out on top. 

We will work with you to set a realistic budget and provide full transparency on whether the amount is sensible, reasonable and achievable. We might consider making an offer prior to auction, based on price, the current climate, or any information we have received from the agent. We will tailor a strategy to deliver the ideal end result for our buyers.

It's go time

We trust our tried and tested auction methods will secure the property for the agreed or lesser amount. We will work to our strategy and communicate our observations if we need to change direction. Handling real estate interference is our pleasure, as working negotiations are our forte. It is in our best interest to make the property yours before the day is out.


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